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Sustainable building operations benefit everyone

In Canada, the real estate business continues to focus more and more on sustainability — it is becoming increasingly common for investors to focus particularly on the environmental footprint left by the operations of their assets.

From a business perspective, our focus on sustainability allows us to have a positive impact on the environment by decreasing our carbon footprint.  This in turn results in an improved tenant experience while decreasing the costs to operate our properties, all of which supports better returns for our investors.

3101 – 3111 Eglinton Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario

A priority from the start

Before a property or portfolio of properties is acquired, our team creates a detailed asset management plan based on our due diligence and the work of our best-in-class consultants.  Immediately after acquisition we implement our optimization programs.

The result is that SiteLine’s properties are operated at peak efficiency right from the start.

"When SiteLine acquires a property one of their immediate priorities is to ensure that the building is operating at peak efficiency. We are brought in before the building is acquired as part of SiteLine’s due diligence team in order to ensure their assumptions about what can be done at the property are accurate. Our Energy Management programs utilizing LED lighting, motion sensors and daylight harvesting technologies have been an essential part of SiteLine’s activities for a number of years. SiteLine’s focus on utility optimization results in a better experience for tenants, a lower carbon footprint and improved returns for investors."

– Stefan Pacula, President, InLight Solutions Inc.